It’s not pretty

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Between Pinterest and Instagram, I see a lot of photos of gorgeous art studios and craft rooms. Work surface neat, sun shining gently through the windows, and you just know there’s a bluebird right outside singing.

This is what my work space looks like when I’m in the midst of a project:

Keetha DePriest art studio


It actually feels junkier in person. I just like to have all my stuff right there, within arm’s reach.

Doesn’t it makes the fantasy of those gorgeous Pinterest studios that much sweeter?


  1. I know exactly what you mean, Keetha! Think mine looked pretty good for one day or so. Love the work you’re turning out in that space, so who cares how orderly it looks!

  2. Hi Keetha! I used to be a loyal reader of “Write Kudzu”, back from the days of The Artist’s Way group (so long ago!), and we even corresponded a bit, but I fell out of the blogging habit over the last couple of years and hadn’t visited in a while. (I myself have had a seemingly unending series of blogs–apparently I enjoy reinventing myself just a bit too much 😉 ). Imagine my surprise to find what you’ve been up to lately–how lovely! It’s nice to see this side of you. Love the clean, bright look of this blog, too. And I think your creative space looks great–so full of life!

    Anyway, just wanted to say hello and best wishes on the new blog and your creative pursuits! I’m starting to feel a reinvention coming on…

    Amy E Thompson

    • Amy! Of course I remember you. I’m so happy to reconnect with you. Let’s stay in touch!

  3. Good Heavens, Sweetpea!!!

    And here I was, longingly looking at that KEETHA sinking ever farther down my sidebar, with the “It’s like a sixth sense . . .” descending into the depths like a tee-ninecy Titanic. 10 months ago, it said, in its stern declarative, and I just accepted it, week after week, as I pined for your wit and words.

    I just took things in hand, clicked on the name, and here it was, all this bright new NEW, with so much to come visit and see and enjoy.

    So glad to have found you again—I’ve missed you!


  4. Rachel! So happy to see you here – I’ve been missing you! I was remiss in not leaving a post at Write Kudzu to let people know where I’d run off to. :-)

    Thanks for looking for me!

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