Happy Mail

happy mail 3-1I like you, and I like happy mail.

I love getting mail, especially if it’s “real mail,” a card, a note, anything that isn’t mass produced, like the water bill or a flyer from Dollar General. Since I know what a kick it is to receive something unexpected, a little happy, in the mail, I figured lots of other people would, too.

Ever so often, about once a month, I’m sending a package of goodies to someone. To a friend, to a neighbor from way back when, to someone whose work I like a heckuva lot.

Do you know someone who would like to receive a Happy Mail package from me? You can nominate yourself or someone else to be a recipient. Just email me (kudzuuu at gmail dot com) and tell me about yourself and/or the giftee. From there, I’ll send you a little questionnaire. Not to be nosy and get all up your in your business but I love customizing and personalizing a gift especially for the intended, so I’ll want to know a few things about you or him or her.

I’m doing this for fun, I guess I should mention. There is no cost to anyone. Of course, I get to choose what all goes in each box. It’s all happy stuff, I promise.

It’ll be fun. Let’s make merry.

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